Wings of Justice International Foundation

Wings of Justice International Foundation

Africa’s development depends on how the continent manages its exponential youth and with the right support, through our partnership with Ogéllé, GetBundi” can teach millions of African youths each year online in STEM and English language.

There is a need for initiatives geared towards promoting STEM subjects and vocational training across Africa. This is why we created GetBundi and partnered with Ogéllé e-learning portal to deliver these carefully taught STEM subjects and English language with three years of revision for competitive examinations across Africa.  Content and resources from exceptionally skilled and competent educators in Africa.  

We have reached an understanding with a satellite internet provider with nearly 85% presence in sub Saharan Africa to deliver our resources using their internet backbone which answers the issue of poor internet infrastructure around Africa as a challenge to eLearning is effectively mitigated.

We are seeking support from individuals, local and international agencies, state and federal governments, donor agencies, NGOs and Foundations to support us by giving generously towards promoting STEM eLearning across Africa. 

Donor(s) can choose country(s), states, particular school(s) (private, government or missionary) girls or boys schools or privileged kids as recipients and we will deliver the resources accordingly. As low as $50 a year can teach a student.

‘’The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others’’ – Nobel Peace Prize Winner Albert Schweitzer.

Please contact us today, if you wish to make a donation or support a school.
Thank you for supporting us