Top 7 STEM Education Books For Teachers and Children in 2022

The importance of STEM education in 2022 cannot be over-emphasized. Today, there are more STEM jobs in several countries than in previous years, as technology seems to be taking over the system.

Therefore, the need to integrate STEM into the educational system is very paramount. If you’re new to our page, you might be struggling to understand why we emphasized the importance of STEM when you don’t even understand what this form of education entails.

Top 7 STEM Education Books For Teachers and Children in 2022

So, what is STEM education?

According to one of our previous articles, we defined STEM education as an educational approach that combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and application.

Instead of teaching these subjects individually, STEM integrates them into a comprehensive learning pattern with real-life situations.

STEM education empowers students to stand tall in the business and career world.

However, the importance of this form of education goes beyond building the youth for global relevance. The economy of several countries gets impacted positively.


STEM jobs in African countries are mostly outsourced to professionals or companies from Western and Asian countries.

Some countries pay through their nose to get these experts, which eventually affects the economy.

The more people get exposed to STEM education, the better the economy of every country. To build the economy of tomorrow, we need to invest in today by giving every child a STEM education.

STEM education promotes critical thinking for children and opens their minds to innovation and creativity.

7 STEM Education Books For Children and Teachers in 2022

As a parent or guardian, you can start by equipping them with the right resources that aid learning and assimilation.

This includes books and platforms that offer STEM education.

One of the best platforms for STEM education in Africa is GetBundi. This platform is an online learning resource designed to deliver high-quality, engaging, and accessible STEM and English language educational courses across Africa.

However, there are a quite number of resourceful materials and books that can help your children with STEM education.

For this article, we have carefully researched STEM education books that will help your children. Below is a list of STEM education books for children and teachers in 2022

  1. What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamara

This amazingly written book will inspire your children to be more creative and innovative. This is a resourceful book for your children.

The book expresses how ideas can bring people closer to their dreams and aspiration. With the thought-provoking narratives, children will be bold to share and believe in their ideas.

  1. STEM By Design: Strategies And Activities For Grades 4-8 by Anne Jolly

This book, which was written for teachers and instructors shows how to prepare for every STEM class. The book provides practical tips to teachers on how to engage students during lessons.

It contains the real-life problems teachers can present to students to test their problem-solving skills.

This book is user-friendly and detailed for a new STEM teacher.

  1. Teaching STEM In The Secondary School by Frank Banks and David Barlex

This book involves the integration of STEM subjects with the already-existing curriculum. It explains the history, understanding of STEM education, and teaching styles.

From explaining the introduction of STEM-related activities to organizing them, this book describes how STEM should be taught.

Every teacher that wants to go into teaching STEM should get this book.

  1. Robotics by Kathy Ceceri

Robotics is a book that instructs and guides every child on how to build a robot. This book comes with complete instruction and is suitable for any child that loves engineering.

Children from the age of seven can start reading and following the instructions in the book.

Do not hesitate to buy this for your children to help them discover their love for engineering.

  1. Teaching STEM And Common Core With Mentor Texts: Collaborative Lesson Plans, K–5 by Anastasia Suen and Shirley Duke

This is one of the most popular books on STEM education. To have a background and basic knowledge of STEM education, get yourself a copy of this book.

It guides teachers and helps them build their interest in this form of education.

Each chapter has an overview to remind readers of the lessons learned.

  1. Nick and Tesla Series by Steve Hockensmith and Bob Pflugfelder

This book is all about the story of two siblings who are passionate about science and engineering.

It’s a story about innovation that would inspire children to dream. This book is an interesting read, and each chapter has an exciting mystery to solve.

Your children will have a great time reading this book.

  1. Once Upon a Star by James Carter and Mar Hernandez

If your children are a fan of poetry, this book is for them. It takes the readers on a journey of discovery. They get to discover facts about the universe and the solar system.

This book is an exciting read. It has a creative way of educating children about the planets and the entire universe.

With this book, learning becomes more exciting for little children.

We hope the list provided above will help teachers learn about STEM while informing parents about the resources to equip their children with.

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