STEM and English language courses for secondary school studies at your finger tips.

GetBundi is an EdTech product designed to guarantee understanding of STEM and English Language Secondary School courses and ensure that you pass your exams.

With over 1,008 hours of video courses taught by some of the best teachers in Africa and monthly LIVE question and answer sessions, you will experience learning on a new level.

Our Mission

Helping African Kids Overcome Post Primary Educational Challenges with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

The education system in Africa uses outdated methods and is not preparing the youths for the future. Africa must embrace new methods of learning and there must be a shift towards science and technology to build an Africa beyond aid.

Our mission with GetBundi is to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and English language learning available across Africa at a highly subsidized fee and through our Foundation to support those who are potentially left behind especially girls, internally displaced students and the disable.

Osita Oparaugo, Esq
Founder, GetBundi

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STEM Education in Africa

We all know that STEM education is a driver of economic performance and thus, essential for helping growing economies compete in the global market, creating technical jobs, and improving wealth.

It is expected that by 2035, sub-Saharan Africa will have a working population larger than the entire rest of the world combined. This is why it is critical for education in Africa to reach new levels, particularly with skills that can create and promote more STEM jobs.

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