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GetBundi Education Foundation is registered as an Incorporated trustee in Nigeria.

Our mission is to support the promotion of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and English Language, targeted at post-primary education and Digital Skills acquisition for everyone across Africa mostly those who are potentially left behind, especially girls, internally displaced students, refugees, and the disabled.

The education system in Africa uses outdated methods and is not preparing the youths for the future. Africa must embrace new methods of learning, especially e-learning and there must be a shift towards science and technology to build an Africa beyond aid.

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The African Union (AU) under their Agenda 2063, has as Aspiration 1: “A Prosperous Africa, based on Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development”, and points out one of the ways to achieve this, under Goal 2, is by having “well-educated citizens and skills revolution underpinned by Science, Technology, and Innovation”.

These goals are brilliant on paper, however, in order for the African Union, and Africa as a whole, to actualize and achieve these goals, there is a need for public-private partnerships, support from continental and international non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, and strategic partnerships with companies and platforms, such as GetBundi.

Africa’s development depends on how the continent manages its exponential youth. With the right support and partnerships, GetBundi Education Foundation and GetBundi STEM & Digital Skills platform will support millions of African youths each year in STEM, English language, and Digital Skills learning online.

There is a need for initiatives geared towards promoting STEM subjects and digital skills vocational training across Africa. This is why we created the GetBundi platform to deliver these carefully taught STEM and English language subjects for the six years of post-primary school with three years of revision for competitive examinations across Africa and over 4,000 multiple choice assessment questions, and a wide range of micro-sliced competitive Digital Skills courses like graphics, video editing, cybersecurity, digital marketing, etc., on a single platform engineered by one of the best educational technology developers in the United States.

There is GSM coverage across Africa but it is not enough as internet penetration is still low and data expensive. To mitigate this, we reached an understanding with a satellite internet provider with nearly 85% presence in the continent to deliver our resources using their internet backbone which answers the issue of poor internet infrastructure around Africa, as it is a challenge to eLearning even though more countries in Africa are upgrading their internet infrastructure.

The GetBundi STEM and Digital Skills Institute is committed to giving 10% of its annual gross income to GetBundi Foundation but this will never be enough. We seek support from individuals, local and international agencies, state and federal governments, donor agencies, NGOs, and Foundations to support us by generously promoting STEM and Digital Skills eLearning across Africa.

We have the platform, which has several features, such as app notifications, live classes, user experience friendly features, etc., and is hosted on AWS Cloud Servers for secured data and seamless streaming. We have the right content for the modern generation, including video editing, graphic design, digital marketing, etc. We know Africa, and we have the right network of partners across the continent to ensure our resources get to those who need them and have even created content in Pidgin English to enhance optimal learning with measurable outcomes. All we need is your support!

Donor(s) can choose a country, state, particular school(s), whether private, government, or missionary, or less-privileged kids as recipients, and we will deliver the resources accordingly. US$29.99 or N20,000.00 can teach one student both STEM and English Language subjects and Digital Skills courses for a full year.

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others”

– Nobel Peace Prize Winner Albert Schweitzer.

Please contact us today, if you wish to make a donation or support a school.

Thank you for supporting us.

The Executive Secretary
GetBundi Education Foundation