Top 10 Holiday Destinations In Africa

Rest and recreation can never be overrated. Africa is one of the best travel destinations in the
world. You are bound to be enthralled by the crystal blue beaches, vibrant wildlife, majestic
mountains and a wealth of culture. So whether you want to hike the mountains or to lounge on
the tropical beach, Africa has got you!
Here’s a list of the top 10 holiday destinations in Africa.

  1. Morocco
    Probably because it has an African and European feel, Morocco is the most popular country to
    be visited by international tourists.
    With a combination of rich culture, exotic foods, jaw-dropping places to visit and a bustling
    nightlife, it is easy to see why Morocco is a favorite.
    Best time to visit is between March and May.
    Top places to see include the Rabat (Capital City), Sahara desert Sunset Watch, and Essaouira
    (Mogador) if you are a Game of Thrones fan!.
  2. South Africa
    If you could draw up a checklist for a perfect travel destination, taking in variables such as
    weather, beaches, scenery, prices and accessibility, South Africa comes tops.
    Iconic places such as the famous Garden Route, superb safaris, the world famous Kruger
    National Park make South Africa the country to visit.
    South Africa also offers malaria-free safaris at game reserves, which are ideal if you are
    travelling with kids.
  3. Madagascar
    Madagascar is famous for its unique wildlife and biodiversity. Tourists who love history are
    drawn to Madagascar because of the iconic Isalo National Park (which is the African version of
    the American Grand Canyon). It covers more than 80,000 hectares and has more than 30,000
    visitors every year.
    You could also take the kids on a two-week Lemurs, Whales and Beaches family safari where
    they get to see the cute lemurs up close and even take pictures!
  4. Kenya

Kenya is one of the world’s most magnificent wildlife destinations. The combination of exotic
national parks, game reserves and private conservatories make it irresistible to animal lovers.
Cultural tours in Kenya give you up close and personal experiences with the Maasai, Samburu,
Swahili, Turkana, Pokot, El Molo, Rendille and other tribal people.
The other trump card is Kenya’s coastline with warm, turquoise blue seawater and white sands,
making it a dream place to be with your loved ones.

  1. Egypt
    Egypt is known for its ancient treasures and remarkable history. The only surviving ancient
    wonder of the world, The Great Pyramids of Giza draws thousands of tourists who come to
    explore the pyramids as well as ancient Egyptian statues and tombs.
    It is also the holiday destination for faithfuls from different religions such as Christianity, Islam
    and Judaism. Iconic places like Sinai mountains can be used for hiking.
    Egypt’s Red Sea also offers a phenomenal experience underwater with its bright corals and
    colorful sea creatures. Truly a diver’s paradise!
  2. Zambia/Zimbabwe
    The Victoria Falls located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe is considered to be
    one of the world’s largest waterfalls.
    The spectacular sight of the falling water has been used as a backdrop for intimate events like
    proposals or weddings. You can also go rafting on the river.
    The South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is one of the most beautiful places to view game –
    everything from big cats, elephants, hippo and wild dogs. It has some superb fixed lodges and
    tented camps, and is great for walking safaris.
  3. Botswana
    Botswana is home to the Okavango Delta. This delta is one of the most sought after wilderness
    destinations in the world.
    Botswana is an enthralling natural wonderland, both from copious wildlife and a broad spectrum
    of habitats which include grasslands, wetlands, marshlands, woodlands and saltpans.
    If you love culture and heritage, you can also explore San history at the Tsodilo Hills. You can
    visit the San villages and see rock paintings that have been in existence for thousands of years.
  4. Tanzania
    Tanzania has been described as Africa’s visual masterpiece. It is a country of natural beauty,
    astounding wildlife, charming beaches, captivating ancient towns and geological wonders.
    Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is not only Africa’s tallest mountain but also the world’s tallest
    standing mountain
    Tourists who love adventure are drawn to Tanzania.

The Serengeti National Park is one of the best safari destinations in Africa as it hosts a mass
wildebeest migration.
The combination of the Mount Kilimanjaro allure, Serengeti National Park and the tropical
beaches and islands including Zanzibar all make Tanzania a dream destination.

  1. Nigeria
    With a variety of cultures and landscapes, Nigeria is a rich blend of natural beauty, adventure
    and tranquillity.
    The Obudu Mountain Resort is known as Africa’s finest and one of the most beautiful places in
    Nigeria. The resort is located in the highlands and deep tropical forests. You get to enjoy the
    cable cars, canopy walkways and so much more with your family.
    The Ikogosi Warm Springs is also a popular tourist attraction as people love to experience the
    natural wonder of two springs meeting while maintaining their individual temperatures. How
  2. Namibia
    Easy to explore independently, Namibia offers its visitors both fascinating wildlife experiences,
    including sightings of big game in the Etosha National Park and the cheetah and other cats
    cared for by the Africat Foundation in Okonjima, and remarkable wild landscapes arguably
    topped by the Skeleton Coast, described as a ‘journey to the ends of the earth.’
    Other unique attractions include large sand dunes, iconic salt pans like Sossusvlei and Etosha,
    desert-adapted wildlife and the Fish River Canyon, which is the largest in Africa.
  3. Seychelles
    If you’re planning a romantic getaway or a wellness retreat, be sure to head to Seychelles. The
    island-nation consists of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. The outer islands of
    Seychelles offer beautiful beaches and an array of wildlife. The main ones are Alphonse and
    If you want to immerse yourself in nature and total relaxation, the island is a must-visit. You can
    dive and explore untouched coral reefs, and see a diversity of marine life. You can enjoy fishing
    and sailing activities. Best of all, you can swim in the island’s crystal blue waters.
    Africa is truly beautiful and we hope you get to experience at least one of these places soon!

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