5 Relevant STEM Jobs You Should Consider in 2022

There are some STEM jobs that are in demand in 2022. Several studies have proven that the top-paying careers in the world hail from STEM.

As technology evolves, the world becomes more dependent on the digitalization of job roles. STEM careers are also replacing the traditional jobs we knew about years ago. The economies of several developed countries are dependent on STEM careers.

Hence, they experience substantial growth in their economy when the roles are filled by their citizens.

These countries also invest largely in STEM education, which qualifies their citizens for these jobs.

One of the purposes of STEM education is to qualify students for the jobs that originate from STEM.

So, if you’re interested in getting a STEM job, this article is for you.

5 Relevant STEM Jobs You Need to Know About

We have carefully put together a list of some of the most relevant STEM jobs in 2022.

Below are five relevant STEM jobs in 2022.

1.Data Scientist and Analyst

Have you ever heard the saying, “Data is everything”? Well, the power of data has changed how businesses are built and developed.

Most businesses require data for the projection of their success rate. That’s where data scientists and analysts come into play.

This is why data science and analysis are two of the most sought-after STEM jobs. Do you know that most data scientists have a degree in either mathematics or statistics? Although this is not a prerequisite for being a professional in this field,

A data analyst gathers, sorts, and analyzes data that businesses use to make operational and financial decisions.

The best part of being a data scientist or analyst is that you can work in any industry.

2. Software Developer

Software engineering is all about maintaining, designing, and building software applications.

Most companies are digitalizing their operations by building apps and other online platforms.

For this to run smoothly, software engineers are required. Software engineers can work in several companies and across different industries.

To be a software engineer, you need a strong background in computers, programming, and soft skills such as problem-solving.

With proper STEM education, you can acquire these skills. If you love programming and you want to earn big, this is one of the most relevant career paths.

3. Mechanical Designer

Engineering is generally a highly relevant career path for years, no matter the specification.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most common yet relevant careers. The best part of being a mechanical engineer is that you don’t have to study it at university. Also, a STEM background would give you an edge in pursuing this career.

4. Software Engineer

In an age where technology keeps evolving, becoming a software developer is an advantage.

This job role is in charge of building innovative apps and web platforms that most organizations use today.

Software developers are the brains behind creative innovations. They bring about mind-blowing solutions that solve basic human problems with their creativity. To qualify for this job, you need a STEM educational background, coupled with some other major technical skills.

There are two classifications of software developers. They are;

Developer of application software

System software designer

You can choose which you want to specialise in or both.

Software developers can work in any industry, and it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

5. Information Technology Manager

When it comes to computer-related activities in any organization, an I.T. manager is required.

In any organization, the I.T manager is in charge of coordinating technology-related matters with the top executives.

They are also involved in planning the upgrade of the software and hardware of the computer systems.

From negotiating with vendors to purchasing new system products, I.T. managers are in charge of the technology aspect of every organization.

As an I.T manager, you don’t have to work in tech companies alone. You can work in the tech department of any company.

There are lots of lucrative STEM jobs on the market, and taking advantage of their relevance will help you stay relevant.

It’s no news that more jobs will be created in years to come. Take advantage of the opportunities and acquire the right skills to qualify for these jobs.

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