About Us

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GetBundi is an online learning resource designed to deliver high quality engaging and accessible STEM and English language education courses across Africa with special focus on six years of post primary education system through Ogelle eLearning available in web and mobile app.

For most young Africans, secondary education is the last schooling they will receive before entering the workforce. Therefore, high quality, relevant secondary education which is accessible to all, can prepare youths to enter the workforce, improve productivity, and spur economic transformation, unlocking a virtuous cycle of both human and economic development. 

For those that will continue to pursue further education on STEM related courses, our resources would have helped further develop their skill sets.

The education system in Africa uses outdated methods and is not preparing the youths for the future. It is time for Africa to embrace and prepare its youth for a future driven by technology in order for them to compete globally and the tool of empowerment is science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with English language.

Since very few Africans can afford foreign education in STEM subjects, it is pertinent and crucial to focus on the education in Africa itself hence we are championing this course.

The major barrier apart from access, teachers and quality of STEM subjects across the continent is the cost. While the other barriers might not be significant challenges, the financial barrier is a significant challenge as the cost of quality education greatly surpasses the average annual income for most Africans. 

However, translating goals into reality demands focus, effort, and the right partnerships. This is why we created GetBundi, nearly 1,008 hours of audio visual education content and resources from exceptionally skilled and competent educators in Africa and partnered with Ogéllé to deliver these carefully taught STEM subjects and English language with three years of revision for competitive examinations across the continent. 

Dubbed the “YouTube of Africa”, Ogellé is Africa’s pioneer online video sharing resource and entertainment platform, and a user generated content (UGC) platform which boasts of diversity in content creation. Interestingly, Ogéllé was created solely for the generation, dissemination, and consumption of African content, to Africans in Africa and the diaspora. In less than three years of operations (April 2019), Ogéllé has emerged as the leading free one-stop entertainment platform for Africans, to set up channels, create and share resource and entertainment videos with over 3 million general users and more than 500,000 app downloads on iOS, Android and Palm Store.

Until we are able to build a dedicated STEM stand alone platform to deliver our resources to those who need them, we believe that Ogelle eLearning will give us that massive technical allowance and support to stream our content on their platform. Furthermore, we will have access to their robust database and young content creator ecosystem to promote GetBundi.

Our resources can be used by secondary schools as teacher’s aid, a resource platform for students’ assignment, individual or group study guide, home learning for in school and out of school students, and as a guide for competitive external examinations. 

With our monthly live question and answer sessions, we believe that GetBundi is an invaluable tool to promote STEM learning and prepare African youths for the future.

We have reached an understanding with a satellite internet provider with nearly 85% presence in sub Saharan Africa to deliver our resources using their internet backbone which answers the issue of poor internet infrastructure around Africa as a challenge to eLearning.

The future success of the African continent lies to a large degree in its ability to hone the skills and talents of its ever-growing youth population and now is the time to rethink secondary education systems, to ensure youth have the skills and knowledge they need.

Our projection is to make STEM and English language learning available throughout Africa and to teach at least three 3 million students within the first three years 2022 – 2025 and to build from there.

GetBundi is a company of Wings of Justice Africa Limited and streamed through Ogelle eLearning platform.

Our goal is to make quality STEM learning in Africa a reality and to make it available and successive, because people learn at different paces.