GetBundi - Building A New Africa Based On Technology

As the world goes digital, technology has become an integral part of our lives, which is no doubt a huge contributor to human-kind, as it has enabled better communication, better education, the ease of carrying out tasks and so on.


In the area of education, so many European countries make use of technology to transform the education and learning process of kids/youths. These countries have gone as far as including STEM Education in school curriculum, which is a form of education that goes beyond school subjects.


It provides students with the necessary skills that govern the way they think and behave. Unfortunately,

most countries in Africa invest very little in STEM education, which is why the educational sector of so many African countries is in shambles.


The African continent falls behind the rest of the globe with less than 25% of African students in higher education choosing STEM-related careers. It has been reported that 84 percent of children and adolescents in the African region have not achieved the minimum proficiency for mathematics.


These significant gaps in education no doubt have labor market implications, as education experts worry that many African youths are not learning the skills that they need for the 21st-century jobs.


The ability to create, acquire and adapt new technologies is a critical requirement for competing successfully in the global marketplace. It is also a known fact that the African continent has not kept pace with technological advancement.


Africa's technological gap has been attributed to be the source of its increasing economic deterioration because other developing regions are constantly upgrading their technological capabilities, and the global marketplace has become increasingly competitive.


In a bid to solve all these challenges, GetBundi an Ed-tech platform is on a mission, through the use of technology to equip kids/youths in Africa with high-quality, easily available, and reasonably priced STEM learning education and STI digital skills.


The startup currently provides more than 1,008 hours of audio-visual information that spans six years of secondary school work utilizing the west African curriculum, with topics such as; physics, chemistry, mathematics, ICT, data processing, English Language, etc. Additionally, are up to three years of revision for competitive exams like the WAEC exam, as well as monthly live and answer sessions.


In addition, Getbundi has Science, Technology and Innovation capabilities. The STI skills would include training in coding, graphic design, video editing, and digital marketing. Users who successfully finish a course and all associated projects will receive a diploma.


GetBundi intends to integrate three years of JAMB, IELTS, and TOEFL review programmes, into its next product release. Through this initiative, the Ed-tech startup seeks to help African kids overcome primary educational challenges with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


A close look at developed nations today, one would notice that they have a lot of technological advancements dotted across the country, which is due to the STEM and STI education introduced in the curriculum of schools, which has fostered innovation, and problem-solving skills.


Through GetBundi’s STEM approach to education with the use of technology and a well-equipped syllabus, it will no doubt foster creativity and also inspire young Africans to generate new technological ideas that will solve the country’s problems.


With a goal to upskill 10 million Africans in the next 10 years through the “GETBUNDI vision 2032”, the startup seeks to bridge the skills deficiency gap in Science, and technology and innovation which is key to unlocking Africa’s potential, as well as accelerating economic growth and prosperity in the continent.


GetBundi’s introduction of STEM Education and STI Skills Education in the African region will develop the human talent of young people and innovations, which will bring about positive impacts across various sectors, which is a significant factor to help Africa realize its development potential, thereby transforming the continent from a consuming to a manufacturing one.


GetBundi is no doubt building a new Africa based on technology, as it seeks to reduce the tide of Africa’s brain drain, by creating a world-class education and research infrastructure that will keep the best minds on the continent and also attract new ones.


Through technology, GetBundi is unlocking Africa’s growth potential which requires inclusive strategies that empower everyone regardless of their economic background and literacy level. To solve the continent’s problem, the startup is leaning on Africa’s innate creative capacities by solving problems of the future.


Knowing how helpful technology is in today's world, GetBundi is prioritising emerging technology as one of the areas of focus which is expected to play an important role in economic diversification, if properly harnessed.




The role science and technology plays in nation building cannot be underestimated, as it has been used on countless occasions to unlock the potential of nations. Experts disclose that no nation can develop and advance without advancing in areas of science and technology.


What this implies is that a nation that is lacking in the area in science and technology will always play catch up with advanced countries and will forever have to be dependent on countries who are custodians of it.


Through GetBundi’s use of technology to equip African youths with STEM and STI skills, it will transform the continent as these youths who have become fully equipped, will begin to use their innovative ideas to produce innovations that will transform the African continent.


The startup is unlocking Africa’s growth potential through its inclusive strategies that seeks to empower everyone, to enable them to learn these skills regardless of their economic background and literacy level.


For Africa to achieve its true potential, the people in the region need to be empowered with the necessary digital skills which is what GetBundi is doing through the use of technology.


With this strategy, Africa would not just be a consumer of foreign innovations, but would also create home-grown solutions. Therefore, it is not far-fetched to say that GetBundi is building a new Africa based on technology.