GetBundi, Womenovate partner to empower youths, women with digital skills

GetBundi Education Technology and Womenovate LLC have announced a strategic partnership that will see the strengthening of the drive and commitment which both organizations share towards empowering African youths and women with the right digital skills to be relevant in the 21st century digital economy.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Founder/CEO of GetBundi, Osita Oparaugo, said the coming together with Womenovate is an avenue to give African youths and women the opportunity and the right platforms to acquire the much-needed digital skills.

“Today, GetBundi and Womenovate have come together and I can’t wait to see the amazing things we will achieve together for the greater benefit of the African youth both men and women and, of course, to those who are potentially left behind, especially women,” Oparaugo said.

“Every time we come together on this journey of upskilling the African workforce, Africa wins because Africa’s young generation can only be beneficial to the continent if they acquire the right skills that run the modern economy.

“GetBundi’s position and vision is clear: reskilling and upskilling the African workforce so that the teeming African youths will be gainfully employed and globally competitive in a world that has technologically evolved and will keep evolving,” he said.

Founder of Womenovate, Mrs Motunrayo Opayinka, described the coming together of Womenovate and GetBundi as a transformative partnership in empowerment progress between two organizations dedicated to creating positive change in Africa, adding that the partnership holds immense promise for the continent and, most importantly, for the women who call Africa home. 

She said Womenovate was founded with the singular vision to empower women across Africa and enable them to harness their full potential by fostering innovation, sustainable development, and economic growth, while GetBundi, with its work in technology, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship, has emerged as a trailblazing force that has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to driving economic growth and innovation across Africa. 

“The partnership between Womenovate and GetBundi represents an exciting synergy of our shared values and objectives. Together, we believe we can achieve remarkable things for the people of Africa, with a particular focus on the empowerment and advancement of women,” Opayinka said in a statement.

She further said the joint efforts of Womenovate and GetBundi will lead to enhanced opportunities, economic empowerment, education and skills development, leadership and representation, community development, innovation and progress, and advocacy and awareness.

“This partnership signifies our unwavering commitment to the people of Africa and our determination to advance gender equality and women's empowerment on the continent. Together, we are stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to tackle the complex challenges that lie ahead,” Opayinka said.

“We invite all stakeholders, supporters, and allies to join us in this exciting journey. By working together, we can unlock Africa's full potential and create a brighter, more equitable future for everyone,” she said.

GetBundi Education Technology is a government-approved online education technology platform designed to deliver high quality, engaging, and accessible Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and English Language subjects for the six years of secondary school education and digital skills courses for everyone across Africa. The company projects to support the upskilling of 10 million Africans in the next 10 years through STEM and STI digital skills acquisition via a strategy tagged “The GetBundi Vision 2033”.

Womenovate LLC is a pioneering and innovative company dedicated to empowering women, promoting gender diversity, and fostering a culture of inclusivity across STEM sectors. Founded in 2021, Womenovate has quickly established itself as a trailblazer in advancing women's rights, opportunities, and representation in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings.