How to use the GetBundi Mobile Website

1.     If you are using a mobile phone and would like to access GetBundi from the web, log on to www.getbundi.com

2.     The landing page will appear. The buttons for login and register are at the top-right corner of the page.

3.     After creating an account or logging, you will be directed back to the landing page on an Android device. If you are using iOS, you may be directed to your dashboard. In whichever situation, you can easily access the drop-down menu button at the top-left corner.

4.     Select “Courses” from the menu and choose either the Digital Skills or STEM Courses. 

5.     You will be directed to a landing page with all the courses, and you can search for the course you want or scroll up till you find what you are looking for.

6.     Tap on the course you want. It will display information about the course.

7.     Tap on “Content” and then “Lessons”.

8.     This will take you to the video teaching content for that course, so you can start your class!