Biology Revision Year 12 is designed to help you revise for exams. This book covers topics including genetics and DNA, molecular biology, cell biology, anatomy, and physiology as well as science communication. Biology Revision Year 12 provides an introduction to biology and its goals for education, research, and industry. Students will develop an understanding of their own bodies and those of other organisms, including research projects on such areas as genetics and basic life processes. Biology Revision Year 12, subject by subject. This is a 3-year teaching course designed to meet the needs of students who wish to achieve the highest level of achievement in the biological sciences. We have worked hard to ensure that this course meets these needs and more.If you have any question(s) regarding our resource(s) please email info@getbundi.com. If you are a student and have a specific question(s) please email your question(s) to qanda@getbundi.com and we will respond appropriately within 72 hours. We have monthly LIVE question and answer sessions. Invitations to LIVE Q&A will be based on questions, while users can attend multiple sessions upon request. To talk to one of our representatives, please call: +234 814 175 5552 or +234 814 1755553.     

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