Further Mathematics is a subject intended to assist students in the development of subject-specific skills and knowledge across a broad range of mathematical topics. The Core Mathematics curriculum provides some guidance on how to teach the subject and identifies important curriculum objectives, but it does not specify exactly what material should be covered or how these should be presented. Both schools and colleges may select a different program for their students. This revision describes the Main Principles of Success in Further Maths. If you have any question(s) regarding our resource(s) please email info@getbundi.com. If you are a student and have a specific question(s) please email your question(s) to qanda@getbundi.com and we will respond appropriately within 72 hours. We have monthly LIVE question and answer sessions. Invitations to LIVE Q&A will be based on questions, while users can attend multiple sessions upon request.  To talk to one of our representatives, please call: +234 814 175 5552 or +234 814 175 5553

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