Digital Literacy Course (Beginner to Intermediate)

Digital Literacy Course (Beginner to Intermediate)

 Digital LiteracyThis course aims to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate, evaluate, and create digital content effectively. It covers the fundamental concepts and practical applications of digital technologies, enabling students to participate fully in today's digital society.This course will help students understand the digital landscape, online safety, and digital citizenship, familiarization with hardware, software, and operating system, effective search strategies, evaluating online sources, and avoiding misinformation, mail, instant messaging, and online collaboration tools, basic graphic design, image editing, and multimedia production.Protecting personal information, avoiding online threats, and using privacy settings, understanding copyright, fair use, and digital etiquette, utilizing smartphones and tablets for productivity and learning, managing online presence and reputation, introduction to emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain.The goal of this couse also includes develop essential digital skills for effective communication, collaboration, and information literacy, understand digital citizenship and online responsibility. Apply digital tools and technologies to enhance productivity and learning, critically evaluate digital content and sources and navigate and engage with digital environments confidently.

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