Our Mission

Our mission with Education Without Walls for All Africa is to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and English language learning available across Africa using technology and our focus is six 6 years of post primary school. We have developed nearly 1,008 hours of post primary education content with special focus on STEM and have partnered with Ogelle, a video streaming platform dedicated to African content only to make this resource available across Africa.

Equally, we have reached an agreement with a pan African based satellite internet provider to provide internet even to the remotest area of Africa as most people fear that access to internet will hinder eLearning in Africa. For most young Africans, secondary education is the last schooling they will receive before entering the workforce. Therefore, high quality, relevant secondary education which is accessible to all, can prepare youths to enter the workforce, improve productivity, and spur economic transformation, unlocking a virtuous cycle of both human and economic development. This is why our focus is post primary education.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 32 million African children in Eastern and Southern Africa were out of school in addition to about 37 million already out of school pre COVID-19 – African Union. Even though some other statistics put the number at over 100 million. Unfortunately, the education system in Africa uses outdated methods and is not preparing the youths for the future. First, it must embrace new methods of learning using technology. Secondly, there must be a shift towards science and technology though the greatest challenge will then be the issues of cost, access and quality and teachers and these barriers our product has addressed adequately.

Our projection is to make STEM and English language learning available throughout Africa and to teach at least five 5 million students within the first three years 2022 – 2026 and build from there targeting the poorest of the poor mostly female students.