Ultimate Guide To STEM Education In 2022

It’s no news that there has been a lot of conversation around STEM education in recent years.

We know you might be trying to figure out what the hype is about.

Why is everyone suddenly interested in STEM education? What is it all about? Well, we intend to educate, inform, and enlighten you about everything that you need to know about STEM education.

The term “STEM” is becoming more prominent today, especially in the educational system.

If you do proper research, you will find out that the educational systems of different countries have evolved, and it’s no longer business as usual.

Hence, the infusion of STEM into the educational system. 

However, STEM education in Nigeria is beginning to get the right amount of attention as more platforms like GetBundi is created.

This article will give you a proper insight into STEM education, its benefits, and its importance. But first, you need to know what STEM education is.

What Is STEM Education?

Ultimate Guide To STEM Education In 2022
Two inquisitive African kids learning science in a lab while engaging in exciting chemistry experiments with vibrant liquids.

STEM Education is an educational approach that combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and application.

As opposed to teaching these subjects individually, “STEM” integrates them into a comprehensive learning pattern with real-life situations.

It explains that students would approach these subjects practically rather than in an abstract way of thinking.

STEM education is created to empower students to stand tall in the business and career world.

In this educational system, the focus is on problem-solving learning. 

With the evolution of the world becoming a global village, any student that’s STEM literate has been proven to be more innovative.

Applying this knowledge and impacting their immediate communities comes easy to them.

Recent studies have proven that secondary school graduates with a STEM education tend to transition into university seamlessly.

Isn’t that amazing?

In an ever-evolving world, STEM education is one of the major things every kid in Nigeria and Africa at large needs to stand out.

Why Is STEM Education Important in 2022?

Attaining a sustainable economy in any nation requires a key focus on innovation. That’s what STEM education gives you.

We often say that “children are the leaders of tomorrow”. How do these children prepare for the leadership of tomorrow?

STEM education prepares every child for the future and the challenges that come with it. 

The number of careers in STEM-related fields is increasing every day.

How else do you prepare your kids to excel in these fields? by equipping and educating them with the required materials, in this case, STEM.

However, this form of education doesn’t just revolve around the classroom or kids. It revolves around everyone (kids and adults).

Adults can also get educated in STEM.

We bet you love the sound of that. Parents can acquire STEM education along with their kids on the GetBundi platform.

Let’s get back to the importance of STEM education.

You might be wondering why STEM education is important in 2022.

Some of the critical importance of this educational method and how it impacts our lives, in general, are below.

  1. It encourages innovation.

The recent pandemic opened our eyes to the relevance of technology. People had to embrace the virtual means of communication.

This gave rise to the emergence of several relevant apps and platforms to carry out different activities.

With the sudden rise of the tech industry in the world, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the trend these days.

However, this has helped to create more job opportunities.

Countries and companies that invested in technology have been able to greatly improve their economies.

This shows that innovation in every industry is a boost for the economy.

Guess what? Innovation is at the heart of technology. You can get that through the STEM education system.

When people have access to STEM education, innovation comes easily as they’re taught to apply the knowledge to real-life situations.

The higher the STEM literacy, the higher the innovation in a country. 

  1. Creation of employment opportunities

It is proposed that in the near future, professions will require a deep understanding of STEM skills.

This means as modern technology gets embraced, the skills required to function are needed.

That’s where STEM education comes into the picture.

When people have the required skills, they are open to more opportunities in the market.

As the tech industry continues to grow, those with STEM skills will continue to get employed, while those who don’t might find it hard to stay afloat.

  1. It fosters critical thinking.

STEM education doesn’t just bring job opportunities; it also encourages the mindset of critical thinking when approaching any situation.

With a mindset of critical thinking, STEM-literate people can thrive and excel in any sector of the economy.

The course outline and teaching help the student to think critically and come up with a suitable solution individually.

  1. Increasing the talent pool

For companies to stay on top of their game, they need to employ the best talents. They look for talents that will help them stay relevant in the market.

Hence, several companies are investing in STEM education for their employees to help them stay relevant.

They also employ people with STEM skills. From research and development teams to engineers, web and app developers and designers, companies take out time to get the best.

As long as companies invest in STEM education, their talent pool will keep increasing. They can select their teams from a large pool of talents. 

  1. Development of relevant skills

Developing relevant skills is the only way to stay relevant in your career in 2022.

The world is now a global village. With everything being almost digitalized, the only way to stay relevant in your career is to infuse digital skills into your work.

How can you achieve that without getting a STEM education? What a time to invest in the STEM education system.

Due to the fact that this method of education allows detailed research, critical thinking, and innovation, educating your kids will be an investment for their future.

Every parent that exposes their children to STEM education is creating a future full of opportunities for them.

Who says developing relevant skills can’t start at a very young age? This can only be done by exposing your children to STEM education early.

  1. Developing management skills

When it comes to STEM education, students can earn some management skills. Do you know that the courses taken have a lot to do with practical projects?

As they embark on these projects, they learn time management, strategies, and implementation.

Whether as an employer, entrepreneur, or employee, these skills will help them throughout their lives.

As a team leader or employer, you can expose your employees to STEM education to build their management skills.

  1. It creates an opportunity for teamwork.

Do you know that teamwork is one of the key drivers of success? Every organization requires teamwork to handle any project successfully.

In STEM education, the environment to foster teamwork is created. Whether they’re in the laboratory, solving a problem, or building something, the tasks require some level of collaboration to accomplish.

You can bet that the team spirit is built during these tasks.

  1. Bridging the gender gap

The gender gap in the tech industry is quite obvious to everyone. Have you wondered why there are more men in the tech industry?

According to Apple and several other major technology companies, less than 40% of employees worldwide will be female by 2021.

This data seems to be better than in previous years. Most people believe that girls are not exposed to enough opportunities to explore technology.

We believe that exposing children to STEM education early on will help bridge the gap gradually.

Once both genders are exposed to equal opportunities, the number of women in the tech industry will increase.

Expose your children to STEM education by logging on to GetBundi.

STEM education improves creativity and encourages a problem-solving mindset, which helps students approach problems differently.

10 STEM Education Advantages You May Not Have Known About

The benefits of implementing STEM education into the schooling system are beyond the pages of books.

Most people have benefited from getting exposed to STEM education.

One thing we can tell you is that every child that gets a STEM education is built to succeed in every field.

Out of numerous benefits, here are ten main benefits of STEM education you probably never knew.

  1. It enhances experimentation.

Most experimentation has birthed some of the brilliant innovations we have today. Hence, the encouragement of STEM education. The courses allow students to experiment.

These students are not afraid of taking risks, which eventually become great innovations.

  1. STEM students build resilience.

Resilience requires some level of tenacity that students get exposed to when exposed to STEM education.

During some of the activities, a safe environment is created where students can make mistakes and learn from them.

This builds their confidence and makes them resilient in bringing their ideas to life in the long run.

Failure is taught to be a process that eventually leads to success.

  1. It improves creativity.

Creativity is the centerpiece of STEM education. Students are encouraged to brainstorm and come up with unique ideas.

This is how some of the most ground-breaking innovations came into existence.

In STEM education, ideas are never shut down; rather, they are encouraged and tried.

Enrolling your children in STEM education means they might be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

  1. Encourages the use of technology.

Students in STEM education are taught the power of technology and how to use it early on. This helps them to embrace new technologies when they come into contact with them.

As the world is becoming more tech-centered, you or your children should not be left out.

STEM education creates a space where technology is embraced and encouraged widely.

  1. It develops communication skills.

Some people were unable to effectively communicate their ideas and strategies because they did not develop the necessary skills during their childhood.

Communication is an important life skill and every job requires good communication skills.

With group activities, students develop communication and other sociable skills like time management, open-mindedness, and teamwork. 

  1. It improves cognitive skills.

Cognitive skills are brain-based skills that involve learning and the acquisition of knowledge.

Students can develop and improve their cognitive skills by engaging them in some subjects like coding and engineering.

They get exposed to these subjects as early as primary school. With this, we’ll be breeding geniuses.

This also improves their problem-solving skills, whereby the students increase the speed of solving any kind of problem.

  1. It promotes teamwork.

Students with different abilities are put together in the same group to solve a problem, record data, and make presentations.

This helps them to learn how to collaborate and work together in a team.

  1. It encourages knowledge application.

In STEM education, students are taught real-life situations that help them apply the knowledge they have acquired.

The ability to apply knowledge is lacking in many graduates, especially in Nigeria. This is why STEM education is needed.

People can apply the knowledge they have received and approach problems in a solution-oriented way.

  1. Enhances adaptation.

The ability to adapt the concepts and principles learned to several challenges can be achieved from being exposed to STEM education.

  1. builds confidence in problem-solving

STEM education goes a long way to helping curious students develop the skills to tackle real-life problems by impacting them with practical knowledge.

Their confidence is built over time.

They know how to take the initiative to tackle any issue with a positive attitude and a problem-solving mindset.

In STEM education, learning is more fun and practical for students.

This method of education encourages students to develop and improve their social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. SEL skills will help them impact their immediate community positively.

These skills will help them cope with daily academic, social, and professional challenges.

SEL skills include:

  • self-awareness, 
  • self-management
  • social awareness.
  • and relationship skills,
  • responsible decision-making.

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that GetBundi is offering by giving you direct access to STEM education.

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