Top 7 Online Courses To Help Your Kids Enjoy STEM Education

Getting the best online STEM courses to excite your kids can be a hassle. Most parents or guardians do not know about STEM Education, let alone show their kids or wards where to learn.


Well, we have a detailed article on our page that contains the vital information you need on STEM Education.

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The impact of STEM Education on younger generations can never be over-emphasized.


From preschoolers to higher institutions, STEM can be taught at different levels of education.


This form of education fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity. The best time to expose children and teenagers to STEM is in the early stages of their lives.


As much as STEM job opportunities abound in several nations, the courses that can open your kids up to these opportunities are also available on the internet.


However, your kids can be left out of this opportunity if you have zero idea about STEM Education and where to access its courses.


Hence, we put this article together.


This article will show you different online courses that would excite your kids about STEM Education.


Here are some of the best and most exciting online STEM courses and platforms for your kids in 2022.


1. NOVA by PBS


NOVA is a science show created by PBS. This show opens up kids to the "behind the scene" of creating the best innovations.


On this show, kids watch how Mathematicians, Engineers, Tech experts and other scientists solve societal problems.


The universe is explained in the simplest way to kids on this platform. NOVA’s resources are free, accessible and perfect for home-schooling.


2. Prodigy Maths


Do you want to boost your kids' or wards' mathematical skill? This course is one of the best options.

Suitable for kids between the first and eighth grades, the online math course integrates video games into its operation.


With Prodigy Maths, STEM students can grow at their individual learning pace while having fun.


Support your kids as they learn independently by opening a parent account on this platform.


Guess what? Teachers can also open an account on this platform.


With this, teaching mathematics is made easy and fun for your students.


3. Create and Learn


Built specifically for kids, Create and Learn is a platform that offers live tutoring on coding, AI, and robotics. 


On this platform, kids are led by live instructors who guide them on how to use different coding languages.


“Create and Learn” caters to all levels of learning. The beauty of this platform is that you can book free classes.


The courses help the student build critical thinking and creativity while learning computer skills.


Do not hesitate to check this platform out.


4. Cubit


This is one of the home-schooling STEM platforms for kids. Cubit offers dynamic activities to kids in all areas of STEM Education.


With its user-friendly function, this platform is designed for parents and guardians to navigate without stress.


On this platform, kids are given projects according to their grade levels.


Do you know that crucial life skills can be learnt on Cubit? Get yourself an account today to help your kids learn STEM.


5. 3DBear AR


This platform brings kids into virtual reality, making learning more practical and fun in class.


3DBear AR teaches augmented reality (“AR”), virtual reality (“VR”), 360-photos, scanning & 3D printing. Professional development, implementation and workshops.


Kids can learn how to create 3-dimensional models while earning and practicing problem-solving skills through project-based learning.


On this platform, your kids are open to several STEM courses and other relevant creative skills like graphic design.


6. Bricks 4 Kidz


Bricks 4 Kidz provide a solid foundation for several STEM courses for kids of different age groups.


With over ten-year experience, this platform offers kids fun and exciting tasks while they learn the basic principles of STEM Education.


Bricks 4 Kidz have developed inspiring programs using the familiarity of “LEGO® Bricks” to tutor our inventors and innovators of the next generation.


On this platform, your kids will learn teamwork, a vital soft skill for their future.


7. GetBundi


This online web platform is an EdTech product designed to guarantee understanding of STEM and English Language Secondary School courses.


Offering about 1,008 hours of audio-visual education content and resources from exceptionally skilled and competent educators in Africa, GetBundi is a leading force in STEM Education.


GetBundi makes quality STEM learning in Africa a reality. This platform makes STEM available and successive because people learn at different paces.


You can enrol your kids in secondary school on this platform.


Parents and teachers can now have access to courses and platforms that offers quality and fun STEM Education that would excite your kids about learning.